Photograph of Toby McCredie

About Toby

Toby John McCredie was a healthy, beautiful and clever 11 month old that brought immense joy to our family.

Toby loved playing with his big brother Jake. They were inseparable. Toby's personality was just starting to shine through, he loved to sing and dance. His favourite song was 'Pop Goes the Weasel' and he'd shimmy and shake to The Wiggles and Hi5.

Toby impressed us all by walking at 9 months. He was already starting to talk & of course his first word was 'Ja' - Jake. Toby was such a happy baby who we're sure was destined for stardom - he'd already established a signature pose - his 'cheeky face'.

On January 23, 2006, a simple almost unbelievable accident, changed Toby's journey & our lives forever. Whilst eating his lunch, Toby choked. He received CPR & was taken to Monash Medical Centre.

Toby spent the next 9 days in Intensive Care in an induced coma. When we were able to 'wake' him up, it was evident he had suffered severe brain damage. We spent the next 3 weeks by Toby's side.

Toby passed away on the 23rd February, 8 days after his 1st birthday.